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don’t mess with chen.

One Direction win the Global Success Award at the Brit Awards 2014.

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Lay and Kris endless talking in Beijing airport

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Lay took a picture of cold urban guy Kris

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Yixing: Wufan’s number one fanboy OuO

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KRIS feeding LAY in the lounge 




he is so considerate that he even thinks about how to place the food.

2 PIC as a good support


3 FANaccount…..from China weibo


The weibo mentioned the same thing about Kris and Lay before that video with focus on Kris uploaded…..

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vedio cr: exoandme

O.M.G…… TT 

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Internet social butterfly right here.

If I randomly stop talking to you, I’m not mad. I’m doing this. >3>

hey so

take it from someone who has done this so many fucking times

i’ve sat there literally crying in front of my computer screen, a lump in my throat, waiting for someone to like me as much as i like them and to prove it to me by talking to me first

it’s not worth it

if you like someone, talk to them. if they talk to you back? they fucking like you. stop testing your friends. stop the passive aggressive mind-reading games that end up with everyone questioning whether everyone secretly hates them. stop putting your friends through bullshit tests. just stop.

it’s not worth it. it’s not good for you, it’s not good for them. it’s fucking pointless and just adds a shitton more misery and misunderstandings to the world.

let’s just stop doing this to each other okay?????

like hell, i’m a busy fucking person and i leave skype on invisible a ton of the time. the internet doesn’t have the social cues that real life does, ok? and the #1 thing i hear from people i chat with is that they didn’t want to bother me.  That indicates the opposite of them not giving a shit about me omg.

like i’m not mad about this comic or anyone who relates to it. i’m not mad, i just. this is so sad and so pointless and we all do it and why??????

can we stop doing this to each other? can we just trust that people who talk to us willingly instead of pretending they’re not online or ignoring us entirely — like us? instead of feeding into our own self-hate by concocting these mindreading games that our friends inevitably fail and prove once and for all that we’re going to die alone, just like we deserve?

okay bye

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